Aerodynamic – An air-performance

Interactive performance, 2021
Co-created performance for up to 25 people including voice, movement and air, app. 45 min

The performance »Aerodynamic« has been created collaboratively by the collective Team Magic implementing a consensus-based process. »Team Magic« consists of Dan Dansen, Yuni Kim, Dovile Aleksaite, Maria Turik and Adrian Gutzelnig. »Team Magic« was specifically founded to develop this performance for 48h Neukölln 2021.

In times of social distancing we need to organize community and touch in different ways than we have been used to. »Aerodynamic« gathers people open air in a safe distance and invites people to airily get in touch with themselves and each other. »Aerodynamic« is a meditation that involves sound, voice and noises. We invite the participants to enact the performance with us. Breathing, hissing, singing, whistling, whispering, whizzing, humming, buzzing: We are limited only by our imagination in the ways we set air in motion.

For keeping a safe distance we scattered sticks on the site to mark the distances. Additionally they grounded us at the same time while experiencing the airy realms. We developed an air-score which we distributed in the beginning as part of the performance. The score guided us and the participants through the performance. It was designed as a manually crafted fan that people could take home. We co-created an undogmatic ritualistic space with everyone present: a meditative space, an immersive physical experience in public that focussed on smelling and hearing - senses that are transmitted through the element of air.

The score itself had been collectively created throughout a process of two months. We used Pauline Oliveros' »Sonic Meditations« as a starting point and adapted and reshaped them for our performance. We used meditation, sound and voice as elements as well as and herbs which we collectively burned at the end.


Oktober 2021

Berlin, Germany
4pm Live-Performance of Aerodynamic. An Air-Performance, with the collective Team Magic at the closing event os the show Walking Through The Woods
Sunday, 31.10. 4pm at the cemetary of Kulturkapellen, Prenzlauer Allee 1, Berlin

Juni 2021

Berlin, Germany
Live performance of Aerodynamic. An Air-Performance, with the collective Team Magic at the festival 48 Hours Neukölln.
Saturday, 19.06., 19:00-20:00 and 22:00-23:00 at Lessinghöhe, Bornsdorfer Str./corner Mittelweg, Berlin