About Bikepunkproductions

As a production company Bikepunk Productions contains all the artistic works by Dan Dansen. Founded in 2012 in order to producing the documentary “Sounds Queer”, Bikepunk Productions has meanwhile become a lot more than a production company for films. Bikepunk Productions by now incorporates the whole spectrum of Dan Dansens artistic works: film, photography and music.
In doing so Bikepunk Productions is committed to working with the political dimensions of all creative works.

Dan Dansen majored in cultural studies (Magister Artium) with the documentary “Sounds Queer” as part of his Master's Thesis. Since 2014 Dan Dansen has studied at Thomas Arlan's class “Narrative Film” in a postgraduate program at the University of the Arts in Berlin.
His work shifts between film, photography, DJing and the constant approach to consider his work through the lens of cultural theories between Karl Marx, Queer Theory and psychoanalysis. His works focus on feminist approaches, queer and trans* issues, violence, labor and representations of gender. His main concerns are increasing the awareness of queer and feminist issues, questioning the position of ourselves and raising the question of how society could be organized in a way that allows reasonable dealing in respect of violence and living without economic pressure.