About Bikepunkproductions

Bikepunk Produsctions was founded in 2012 in order to produce the documentary “Sounds Queer”. Since then it promotes all the artistic works by Dan Dansen.

Dan lives and works as a freelance filmmaker and photographer in Berlin. They majored in Cultural Studies and Modern German Literature at Humboldt-University of Berlin. In 2019 they additionally majored in the programme "Arts and Media" at the Berlin University of the Arts with a focus on film.
Dan is a non-binary trans-person and uses they/them pronouns.

Their artistic work is characterized by an analytical and emotional fathoming of contemporary themes. Their approach experiments with different styles and genres in order to find the appropriate form for each subject matter. Dans aim is to create intimacy, regardless of whether they work with cinema, performance or photography. They embed this intimacy in social contexts, thus portraying singularity as part of a larger whole. They work on queer issues, gender, analysis and critique of social conditions, and the question of how we want to shape our lives. They are actively exploring how a life of solidarity and community beyond capitalism is possible.

Although they started out as a documentary filmmaker, Dan has also developed a strong interest in fictional subjects. In the last few years they have realized projects that are diverse in form and content: their documentary essay short film "Princess of Everyday Life" is a cinematic love letter to their ex-partner, with whom they lived in a gay relationship as a non-binary queer trans person. By refusing to show the trans narrator the film rejects heteronormative conventions that exoticize trans bodies. "Princess of Everyday Life" has been shown in Germany, France, Italy, England, the USA, Canada, Argentina, South Korea and Japan.

Dans photographic double work "Matalascañas - financial crisis revisited" (Installation of 110x75 cm photography, partician walls and tablet presentation) and "Brutalism - filmstills from horror movies"(Installation of 110x75 cm photography, partician walls and tablet presentation) addresses architecture as a dystopian expression of capitalist crisis and have been part of the group exhibition “SEEN BY #9: Oh so solid, all that air“ at the "Museum of photography" in Berlin. Dans most recent photographic work “Genderbashing” portraits women, lesbians, trans people and agender people who train martial arts or self defence. The series has been nominated for the »Advancement Award 2019« by Art Society Centre Bagatelle and the municipal galleries of Reinickendorf-Berlin.