Horror short film, 19 min
Written and directed by Dan Dansen

Starring: Sven Scheele, Fabian Raabe, Meik van Severen

How would your fear look like when becoming alive?

HYDRA is the manifestation of our most hidden fears: A parable on toxic masculinity.

David, Lasse and Pascal get lost in a forest that is gradually animated with fears that David plants in them with wicked pleasure. Soon his stories become a reality for his friends: he forest comes alive and starts watching them. An omnipresent, vague threat becomes a tangible reality.


July 2019

"Hydra" at the cinema of this year's UdK Rundgang
17:00 Screening as part of the short film program of the class Ā»Narrartive FilmĀ«.
At Medienhaus University of the Arts, Grunewaldstr. 2-5, Berlin

Premiere "Hydra": at the 7th Boddinale
18:00 Screening as part of the shorts block
At Flutgraben, Am Flutgraben 3, Berlin