My Gender is Complex

Making Kin

Photographs, 2021-22
Digital prints 100x150 cm

As a non-binary trans person chosen family is the place where I am accepted beyond social attributions and where I have found a queer home.

Making Kin takes this experience as a starting point and questions nature for making kin. How can I understand myself as part of nature? What can I learn from it? In doing so, I use my trans identity to restructure the world. Encountering other forms of existence inspires me to rethink gender and sexuality. Character traits of elements, plants and animals inscribe themselves into my body through projection and add dimensions to it that remain invisible in the heteronormative binary gender model. In doing so, I consciously use my body as what it unconsciously serves in everyday life: as a projection surface.


June 2022

Berlin, Germany
Vernissage with new images from the photographic series Making Kin as part of the festival 48 Hours Neukölln
from 7:00 p.m. at Orangerie Neukölln, Schierker Straße 8, next to Gallery Körnerpark, Berlin, Germany
Exhibition from 24.06.- 13.07.

January 2022

Worpswede, Germany
Photographic series Making Kin in the group show Wahlverwandtschaften Part III - Zwischenruf/Interjection, as part of the 2nd Randlage Artfestival at the gallery KW/RANDLAGE, Dorfstr, 34A, Worpswede.
Exhibition from 01/29-02/12/22

October 2021

Berlin, Germany
4-5 pm (Queer) Chosen Family – An Artist Talk
The photographic series Making Kin addresses chosen family between humans and nature as well as the question how we can overcome binary thinking in gender and sexuality. The artist talk is conceptualized as an open space which invites you to swap ideas about concepts of kinship that transcend the idea of the nuclear family. How can we think connectedness and networks from (not omnly) a queer perspective?

Event within the context of the group show Walking Through The Woods
At Verwalterhaus der Kulturkapellen, Aktuelle Kunst und Kultur Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee 1, Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Exhibition of the photo series "Making Kin" at the group show Walking Through The Woods - an interdisciplinary art exhibition
Opening: Thu 21.10.2021 2-7pm
Opening hours:
Fr-Su 22.-24.10.2021 2-7pm
Thu-Su 28.-31.10.2021 2-7pm
Finissage: Su 31.10.2021 2-7pm
Im Verwalterhaus der Kulturkapellen, Aktuelle Kunst und Kultur Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee 1, Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Preview of one photograph from the series "Making Kin" at the group show Wahlverwandschaft, as part of the 2. Randlage Artfestivals
Opening: Thu 07.10.2021 16 - 21.00
Opening hours:
Fr.08.10.2021 15 - 19.00
Thu.14.10.2021 15 - 19.00
Thu.21.10.2021 15 - 19.00 Uhr
Finissage: Fr.22.10.2021 15 - 19.00
At the gallery Neonkunst, Herrfurthstraße 23, 12049 Berlin