Photographs, 2017 - ongoing
Digital print 100x150 cm

The project “Genderbashing” portraits people who position themselves as women, lesbians, trans*, inter* or agender and who are training martial arts or self-defense. Media representations (re)produce images which show those persons as being helplessly subjected to physical and verbal violence. The portraits of the series “Genderbashing” contrast with those images. Each person is portrayed in two pictures: A martial arts/self-defense portrait and a portrait in everyday life. The martial arts portraits show the persons in their sports outfit in an aesthetically stylized manner. Those portraits are taken in a studio with black background and hard lighting. This way of portraying picks up on an aesthetics that is usually reserved for cis-male people (people who were assigned male by birth and who identify as men). This reclaiming process enables a shift in perception. It can be used in a productive way to draw an image that questions stereotypes of gender.
These portraits contrast with the portraits of everyday life. Those portraits are taken at a place that the portrayed persons choose themselves. This comparison encourages us to question the images we make of people in everyday life.
There is also a small interview part in which the portrayed people share something about themselves in order to frame the portraits.


August 2022

Stockholm, Sweden
Solo show Genderbashing 4:00 - 7:00 pm vernissage of the complete photographic series
At Sta Demonia, Slipgatan 9, 11739 Stockholm (Hornstull), Sweden
Facebook Event Exhibition Genderbashing
Exhibition 05.08.2022 - 05.09.2022

August 2019

20:00 Opening of the exhibition
Exhibition of the series "Genderbashing"
Group show at Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf, Eichborndamm 215, Berlin
Exhibition from 23.08.2019 - 17.01.2020